How To Tell If Your drain is blocked

How do you know if you have a drain blockage?

A clogged drain is often a minor issue and not necessarily an emergency. Still, if left unaddressed over time, it could cause more severe and costly damage, like flooding and sewage backup. This kind of backup could end up as material damage at your home. 

In this article, we will teach you different tricks and tips to help you deal with this common problem and take the first steps that will save you money and efforts over time. As always, keep in mind that early prevention and action are the keys to avoid more significant inconvenience and costs. 

To begin with, the central aspect would be to detect blockage as early as possible. Therefore, it is essential to discover or re-confirm what the problem might actually be to proceed accordingly. Here are a few clues on how to tell if you have a drain blockage:

Water level and flow: 

One of the most common signs of a clogged drain is when you start noticing that the water is not flowing as quickly as it used to. Consequently, it will become evident that the water level rises higher than usual, taking longer to clear.

Unpleasant odours:

Due to the stuck debris that is possibly causing this clog, you will likely experience a foul odour from the blocked drain. This debris frequently comes from either food, which can decompose once it has stayed some time in the gutter, as well as from soap and hair accumulation.

Gurgling noises:

As the trapped air in the clogged drain releases, it is not surprising to hear gurgling sounds coming out from it.


A usual and evident sign of a clogged drain is leakage from under the sink or the toilet.


It is possible to find puddled water next to a water source like a bathtub, sink, toilet or shower.

Damp and mould:

As a result of some of the previous signs, dampness and mould might also be present in the area.

By now, you would have probably been able to confirm if there is an actual blockage. In that case, what can you do to prevent the problem from getting worse?

Like some of the ones mentioned above, the most common blocking foreign matter includes: 

  • Hair
  • Soap build-up
  • Food (especially coffee grounds, tea leaves and grease, or oils)
  • Small objects
  • Fibres
  • Dirt or mineral build-up. 

An excellent way to keep these clog creators at bay is to place a drain catcher, both in the kitchen sink and shower drain. Using one of these will help you prevent frequent clogging by not allowing harmful materials to get down your drain. The bigger particles will remain in the catcher, and if any smaller ones still go through, they won’t likely be big enough to cause a blockage. Don’t forget; you will have to empty your drain catcher periodically of these materials!


Once there is a blockage present in your drains, a homemade and natural trick you can also try is baking soda. You can pour a good spoonful, or two, into the drain, and then add a cup of white vinegar and let it sit for at least thirty minutes while the vinegar does its thing. If desired, you can leave the mix to sit overnight for maximum effect. After that time, carefully pour hot-boiling water into it, and let it run to help wash out the accumulated mixture with the debris in the pipe. These ingredients will be most helpful if there is grease involved, too, as the vinegar and the hot water will help dissolve it. If you prefer more potent products, you can also try purchasing commercial drain unblockers. Be aware that if you are on a septic tank, you may need to find an eco-friendly alternative. 


If there’s still no visible improvement of the blockage after an attempted treatment, we would highly recommend to call us as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your pipes. Our experienced team in Christchurch can help you confidently solve this issue with a professional draining service. If it is a minor blockage, this could only take about five to ten minutes, whereas a more complex clog could take several hours to clear. Our latest equipment allows us to provide exceptional and efficient service, no matter what or how big the problem is.


Remember, even though the problem is not visible, it does not mean it is not there and that it won’t become more significant over time. The earlier you knock it out, the easier and faster to solve it.


Contact our friendly team today for more information on how we can assist you with a professional draining service.